PCC Chemax offers new technology and technical support to Oilfield customers in a variety of capacities. Our vast line of products includes additives for use in oil, water, and synthetic based drilling fluids. The functionalities of our additives include lubricity, corrosion inhibition, emulsification, and demulsification.

We offer traditional natural and synthetic esters of various molecular weights including phosphate esters, which offer additional properties including lubricity and rust prevention. Our line of specialty emulsifiers allows for the manufacture of stable products using vegetable oils, polyalfaolefins, and traditional mineral oils.  Our demulsifiers are custom manufactured per customer specifications.  They can be customized to function as general demulsifiers or tailored to the specific needs of both drilling and clean-up operations.  

PCC Chemax can advise and assist customers in finding solutions which meet their specific requirements.   Whether your needs are based on performance, regulations, or cost, we are confident in our ability to find a solution to achieve your desired results.

We will continue to list more and more products to this growing market segment.  We have already added several new pieces of literature and training documents, and we will continue to update as more information becomes available.   Please keep checking for additional updates to this market. 

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