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PCC Chemax products have many uses and applications across a broad spectrum of markets.   Our concentration is the development of additives which enhance the performance of our customers’ formulations.

Product development at PCC Chemax is initiated with a full understanding of customer, industry and regulatory requirements.  Specifications and manufacturing processes are documented with meticulous detail to ensure our products meet the high quality and consistency expectations of our customers.

We are confident our roster of products will provide the solution to your most difficult challenges.  Should you not find your ideal additive or should you have additional questions regarding the product list, please contact us. Our Technical Department is readily available to answer questions and address any concerns which may arise.

NOTE:  Please see news item on home page "PCC Chemax Trade Name Chemistries".  This article will explain the various products/chemistries found in each of our product lines.

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Product NameCAS #
MaxChem™ LB-735Mixture
Maxlube DG-1 SWProprietary
MAXLUBE HPH-1Proprietary
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